Friday’s Five Tunes with Polina

Polina Little Babylon

Always wondered what pop stars themselves listen to whenever they are not on stage or writing new music? It’s time to find out! Every week, A Bit of Pop Music will bring you Friday’s Five Tunes, a selection of five favourite songs by a current pop artist. This week we hear everything about Polina’s pop favourites!

Polina’s voice might already be familiar to you without even realizing it. The Russian born, but American based vocalist worked with Steve Aoiki, had a hit with ‘Book of Love’ together with Felix Jaehn and was even featured on Eminem’s most recent record. On her own she is doing perfectly fine too. She had a hit in Europe with the single ‘Fade To Love’ and now she is ready for the next one! She released the breezy and light dance tune ‘Little Babylon’ which could easily become one of the biggest hits this summer. She talked to A Bit of Pop Music about her personal favourites in pop music!

MIA – Boyz
“This song is so infectious! It always gets me pumped up and in the mood for whatever the day is about to bring!”

Rhye – Open
“When I’m in the mood for something chill, I’ll put this one on. Rhye’s vocalist Milosh has got a very smooth and soothing voice and his music resembles artists I grew up listening to like Sade, Sting and Tanita Tikaram.”

Zebra Katz – Ima Read
“I adore this record! It’s so minimal, cool and out there. Zebra Katz’s flow is sick! If someone or something gets on my nerves I put it on and head for a run to let some steam off.”

Seal – Crazy
“This one is an oldie but one of my all time favourites. Seal’s voice is crazy good and the sound of this record is completely unique. I like it because it reminds me of the time when I was first discovering music.”

Jamie XX – Girl
“I’m still very much in love with this song. I love Jamie’s minimal vocals and how he lets his play of layers and melodic riffs carry his music. The guitar riff is always stuck in my head! It’s the perfect song for my long journeys with the roof down in the car on a summery day.”

While Polina plays Jamie XX in her open car on a summer day, we would also definitely play her track ‘Little Babylon’. This tune just breathes summer from start to finish! Listen to it here:

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