Single Review: BANKS – Fuck With Myself

Banks Fuck With Me

BANKS surprises with explicit new single and video
BANKS is officially back! The ‘goddess’ of R&B and electronic pop has just announced that her second album will be released on the 30th of September. A title is not yet known, but if her new single ‘Fuck With Myself’ is anything to go by, this project will be edgy, explicit and outspoken! BANKS, who went through a long process of releasing singles and EPs before her magnificent debut album Goddess finally dropped in 2014, is quick with announcing a second act in her career. She went on tour and in November 2015 she returned with new music; the heartbreaking single ‘Better’. Now she shows the world nobody is breaking her heart anymore, because ‘she fucks with herself more than anyone else’!

Just a day before the release of ‘Fuck With Myself’ BANKS dropped the news on her social media accounts and now the video is already there. ‘Fuck With Myself’ is again a delicious mix of a smooth R&B vibe with an electronic production. While listening to the tune the first time, you might be hoping and waiting for a big beat drop or explosion, but that never happens. Instead the track keeps creeping up on you with a subtle, but in the end oh so infectious hook. Her almost whispering voice might circle around in your head the rest of the day, telling you that she does it with herself more than anyone else. This gets better with every listen, although it might not be the radio hit some of her fans are hoping for at this point.

The video for the track certainly is BANKS’ most edgy moment so far. It opens brilliantly with creepily moving dancers, which reminded me of the American Horror Story intro footage. BANKS herself looks stunning and acts out her part convincingly, although towards the end, it all gets a little too forced. The action with the mannequin fits with the theme and the burning scene is cool, but the tongue action takes it a little too far. Leave that to Miley next time, ok?

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