Single Review: Cher Lloyd – Activated

Cher Lloyd Activated

Cher Lloyd gets activated on brand new single
For a moment Cher Lloyd had the whole world talking about her when she performed on the X Factor UK in 2010. Her audition of ‘Turn My Swag On’ went viral and Cher, only 16 back then, was one of the favourites to win the show. In the end she made it to the 4th spot and had a great start of her career with a number 1 hit in her home country with ‘Swagger Jagger’. Follow up ‘With Ur Love’ reached top 5 and she crossed the US borders when her ‘Want U Back’ became a hit there. When she tried to plan a back comeback in 2014 with singles like ‘I Wish’ and ‘Sirens’, the tracks didn’t do much in both the US and UK. After featuring on Demi Lovato single ‘Really Don’t Care’ she disappeared from the public eye, but she is back to claim her place in the spotlight again with new single ‘Activated’.

The track is the first taste of an upcoming third album and shows Lloyd’s style is still based on catchy pop melodies, inflused with some hiphop beats. The verses are supposed to sound full of attitude, but it all falls quite flat with the lack of a good melody and it already feels ‘same old’ coming from her. But then the chorus comes around and the ‘they’re like oooh!’ parts are way too infectious to not bop to. She sounds great here and the whole moment feels like an early 2000’s hiphop classic hook. To be fair, the ‘charged up, I’m getting activated’ parts are quite catchy too. As a whole this hiphop infused pop track is a bit hit and miss and I’mĀ afraid this will not be enough as a big comeback that should make her relevant as a pop star again. It’s hard to see radio getting behind this at this point, but let’s hope Lloyd and her team have some more tricks up their sleeve for this brand new era!

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