Song of the Day: LOLO – The Devil’s Gone To Dinner

LOLO in loving memory

LOLO releases new tune of awaited debut album
LOLO’s debut record is not even out yet, but it already deserves one prize. In Loving Memory Of When I Gave A Sh*t is by far the most brilliant album title I have heard in quite a while. You know what is even better? She delivers with the tracks of the record so far. LOLO already launched ‘Not Gonna Let You Walk Away’ and ‘Shine’ earlier this year and month and she just dropped the next single. It’s called ‘The Devil’s Gone To Dinner’ and it is an intense ride in the best way possible.

LOLO, who recorded music before under her real name Lauren Pritchard, launched The Comeback Queen EP last year and will drop her first LP on the 9th of September. Judging by the tunes so far it is going to be a delicious collection of strong pop tunes with some bluesy rock vibes, especially in LOLO’s crackling vocals. ‘The Devil’s Gone To Dinner’ starts out with a triphop like piano loop and builds into a chorus that is so powerful, it might blow your socks off. Vocally the American singer-songwriter gives it her all and in her case, that is a lot!

She explained on Facebook how the song is about “the moment you realize something has to end cause it’s sucking the life out of you. You did everything you could and you went absolutely nowhere. It’s hard to watch someone willingly throw their life away, you wanna fix it, change it, stop it, anything–you give what you got but you wind up being the enemy.” You feel the frustration when she belts out “I can’t ask you to forgive me!”. Powerful stuff and I am sure there is more to come on that brilliantly titled debut of hers, out on the 9th of September.


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