Single Review: Regina Spektor – Bleeding Heart

Regina Spektor Bleeding Heart

Regina Spektor announces next album and drops new single
Finally Regina Spektor announces and releases new music! We have been waiting since 2013 when she released ‘You’ve Got Time’, the theme song of the popular Netflix series Orange Is The New Black. The year before she dropped her most recent album What We Saw From The Cheap Seats. Now it is time for the next one! On the 30th of September Remember Us To Life will see the light of day and ‘Bleeding Heart’ is released as the first single.

The track could be described as typical Regina Spektor as the chorus has the same catchy and light vibe of some of her most well known tunes and at the same time it is totally unpredictable, which is quite typical for her too, now isn’t it? The song starts out as catchy pop with Regina’s signature piano and high vocals and towards the end bursts out with a rougher sound with guitars, banging drums and a louder voice, only to come back to a beautiful ballad like outro with some seriously stunning vocal work. Lyrically, the tune deals with a person suffering from a bleeding heart as invisible, lonely kid at school, while Regina asks herself how long she has to wait for the kid to heal. Such a beautiful tune. I for one can’t wait for the rest of Remember Us To Life!

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