Introducing: Amanda Merdzan

amanda merdzan commands

Amanda Merdzan goes dark and electronic on new ep Commands
This week Amanda Merdzan treats us to her brand new EP Commands. The Australian artist who lives in London at the moment, shared an EP called The Map Has Been Redrawn with the world in 2013 and only now returned with brand new material. Commands is a five track collection of some seriously stunning electronic pop, sonically laidback, but emotionally thrilling!

In the press release Merdzan explains that acceptance is the recurring theme throughout the whole EP, peaking through feelings of anxiety and loss. The tracks deal with ‘the challenges faced in hiding a same-sex relationship, the complications in disclosing the truth and the breakdown of a close friendship’. This results in dark electronic pop with a tangible tension in the lyrics and her vocal delivery. The special quality about Commands is that the music is perfect as a background playlist on a lazy sunday afternoon, but at the same time is captivating enough to listen to with the volume of your headphones turned up to let you be blown away by the detailed productions and vocal effects.

The EP opens with the track ‘Glow’ where piano mingles with strings, an electronic production and soaring vocals in a compelling chorus. ‘All Of You’ starts with some heavy vocal effects during the verses with a catchy repetition of the title in the chorus. ‘Matter’ is probably the most impressive track on the EP. The intro with piano and strings is stunning and the strong beat that takes over creates a cold and tense atmosphere in which Amanda stresses: “I can be yours, yours, yours.” It is moving and hypnotic. ‘Flame’ is another great production with Merdzan’s soothing vocals as the cherry on top. On the EP’s closer ‘Bury The Rest’ she slightly speeds up the tempo in the chorus with some drums and handclaps, which makes it the most danceable tune on there.

Amanda Merdzan created a dark, but stunning atmosphere with this brand new EP full of quality electronic pop. You can listen below, on Spotify or buy the tracks over at iTunes.

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