Song of the Day: Mathew V -If I’m Enough

Mathew V If Im Enough

Mathew V on a roll with another soulful single
Earlier this year Mathew V decided to make a fresh start in his career. He did so with the single ‘No Bad News’, showcasing his soulful vocals over a catchy soulpop tune. Now he is ready to move on to the next track which is called ‘If I’m Enough’. The song will be officially released on Spotify on Friday the 29th of July, but was already premiered on his SoundCloud account. He surely is on a roll with another great pop tune with some seriously stunning vocals!

Mathew V is a clasically trained vocalist and you can hear this in his rich and versatile voice. He experiments with his vocals in the verses as some sort of echoing backing. The chorus shines with vocal layers, creating the power of a gospel choir. ‘If I’m Enough’ is a pop track with a soulful arrangement with an important role for the piano throughout. Mathew V once again shows he definitely has a good ear for strong hooks and catchy melodies. This is something people start to pick up on as ‘If I’m Enough’ already gathered over 10k plays within five days. Well done Mathew, keep ’em coming!

Are you curious to hear what Mathew himself listens to? Check out his talk with A Bit of Pop Music!

Update: Mathew shot a stunning black and white video for the track. “We decided to let our visual choices be guided by the tone and feeling of the lyrics. There is an overtone of self doubt, checked by a total, and absolutely sure, desire for companionship throughout the song”, director Jon Thomas explained. The actors in the video are actually people that play a role in Mathew’s life! Interesting!

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