Song of the Day: Lauren Aquilina – How Would You Like It?

lauren aquilina isn't it strange

Lauren Aquilina presents break up anthem as pre-order tune
Lauren Aquilina is almost ready to release her debut album! After building a loyal following with the release of a few EPs, the singer-songwriter is about to drop her first LP. The poppy and empowering first single ‘Kicks’ was premiered earlier this year and now that the pre-order for Isn’t It Strange is up, you can get the new song ‘How Would You Like It?’ with it. This piano ballad will make you look forward to the 26th of August, when the album finally sees the light of day!

Aquilina accompanied the premiere of the track on her Facebook page with the simple line: ‘He kissed someone else.’ And that is really all you need to know to get moved by this powerful break up anthem. “Who said that you could just mess with me? Talk about her in the place we sleep. Who said I didn’t have the strength to leave?”, she asks. It shows all Aquilina needs is a piano and a personal story to impress. Her vocals sound stunning throughout the whole track and her turning tables on the person that messed with her is quite a moment! So is her live version of the track she performed behind the piano in the legendary Abbey Road Studios!

Check Lauren’s performance of the track in the Abbey Road Studios:

And here is the studio version:

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