Single Review: Britney Spears – Private Show

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Britney Spears premieres ‘Private Show’ and announces new album
Good news for Britney Spears fans all around the world. After a wait of three years since the release of Britney Jean the pop star will drop a new album called Glory in only a few weeks from now, on the 26th of August. The record will get its first spins on Apple Music. The pre-order is now online and that means a new track is available to listen as well. When you buy the album already, you instantly receive the track ‘Private Show’, which she already teased in a perfume commercial.

Britney returned just a few weeks ago with her brand new single ‘Make Me’, featuring raps of G-Eazy. The track showed she takes a more hiphop and R&B inspired route these days. ‘Private Show’ however, is hard to catch within the boundaries of genres and styles as it is quite the unusual pop track. To be fairly honest, it is completely bizarre, but not necessarily in a bad way. Britney finally delivers vocals with a lot of personality again, in the verses mainly. Too bad her voice is in the chorus is rather grating, but that is the least interesting part of ‘Private Show’ anyway. In the post chorus, middle eight and outro she shouts, sort of raps, moans and whispers (‘do it all again? Nah, I’ll take a bow’). Speaking about those lyrics! “Work it, work it. Boy watch me work it. Slide down my pole, watch me spin it and twerk it.” Cheeky! The unusual production, the lyrical content, those vocals, it all might be a lot to take in, but to be fair, Britney sounds like she had more fun recording this than anything else in the past 10 years.

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