Single Review: Kate Nash – Good Summer

Kate Nash Good Summer

Kate Nash returns with summery synth pop single
Remember when Kate Nash was all over the radio in the UK with her single ‘Foundations’? The track reached the second place in the charts while debut album Made of Bricks was number 1. Follow up My Best Friend Is You brought us the all sorts of brilliant single ‘Do-Wah-Doo’, but failed to make much of an impact. A few years later in 2013, she released her third record independently after leaving her major label record deal. Now she returns with the brand new single ‘Good Summer’.

As the title already predicted, it is a summery, breezy pop tune with an infectious melody and an irresistible little guitar hook. This kind of light synth pop matches her vocals perfectly and she releases it just in time for people to play it while soaking up the sun, like Kate herself does in the video. Lyrically it is all a bit silly and predictable, but there is nothing wrong with a bubbly, happy track about enjoying the summer season, right? Sonically, this somehow reminds a bit of Diana Vickers’ debut album although this does not mean it sounds dated at all. Nash found a sound that works for her again. Let us hope radio will get behind this to bring some carefree late summer vibes.

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