Single Review: Britney Spears – Clumsy

britney spears glory


Britney Spears counts down to album release with ‘Clumsy’
It is an exciting time for Britney Spears and her fans. After her comeback in July with the more than enjoyable single ‘Make Me’, she announced her new album Glory, which will be out on the 26th of August already. Although this is not a long wait anymore, Britney is treating her fans to new tracks every week now. Last week she debuted the lively and ear catching ‘Private Show’ as instant pre-order download and now we get the brand new ‘Clumsy’, premiered a day early on a Thai radio station. Judging by all this, Glory could actually be her best record in quite some time!

‘Clumsy’ again is better than anything on her previous album Britney Jean. Just like on ‘Make Me’ and ‘Private Show’, Britney’s vocals sound better, more alive and with a whole lot more personality than on her 2012 output which makes it feel like she actually believes in this album for a change. Although ‘Clumsy’ is not as bizarre in terms of melting of genres and edgy production as ‘Private Show’, it’s still an unusual pop song with a strong synth pop sound and a loud and bonkers drop as a chorus. It follows the recent electronic pop trends, but still sounds very much like a Britney track. The higher pitch of her vocals in the bridge towards the chorus are spot on and that little ‘oops!’ before the beat drops totally works. I wasn’t expecting to become hyped up for a Britney album again, but it seems she means business this time!

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