Single Review: Regina Spektor – Small Bill$

regina spektor remember us to life

Regina Spektor teases new album with track ‘Small Bill$’
In this digital day and age, release strategies for new albums have changed a lot. It is not just releasing a single or two for radio and launching the album. A lot of artists these days use the internet to launch one promo single after another to get their fans and the general public hyped up for their next album release. Regina Spektor is planning to release her next studio album Remember Us To Life on the 30th of September and the catchy first single ‘Bleeding Heart’ arrived last month. Time for a new track to drop, called ‘Small Bill$’.

Regina and her team probably dropped this track to show off the diversity on her upcoming record. There is no prominent piano on this one and it is relatively beat or drum heavy for her style. The lyrical line in the verses could be seen as typical Regina though. It is easy to recognize her way of telling stories through her songs. What you could call the chorus however, simply consists of a lengthy ‘lalala’ with some vocal effects. That description hardly sounds exciting, but to be fair, it is quite the ear worm. This will probably not be one of the highlights of the album, but it does its job as track to satisfy the hunger of her fans for now.

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