Single Review: Anna of the North – Us

Anna of the North Us

Anna of the North launches synth pop banger ‘Us’
Anna of the North proves herself to be a gift that keeps on giving. Her excellent single ‘The Dreamer’ from last year was the reason A Bit of Pop Music selected her as the most promising star for 2016 and so far she delivered with the heartbreaking synth ballad ‘Baby’. Norwegian singer-songwriter Anna Lutterud and her producer Brady are ready to speed things up again with the launch of their latest single ‘Us’, a brigt and shimmering piece of synth pop!

“It’s about a relationship between two people with a really strong connection. When it’s so good it’s bad for you. All of us have had that special person you’ll never forget, where the timing wasn’t quite right”, she explained the meaning of the song to i-D, who premiered the track. The synths in the track take us back to the swinging eighties, but the overall production sounds absolutely contemporary at the same time. Her vocals are dreamy as always and she shows off the higher register of her voice this time as well. The repetition of the word ‘Us’ is so, so catchy throughout the tune. Her previous singles have been making waves on platforms like Hype Machine and this new track will probably mean an important next step for her!

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