Single Review: Ellie Goulding – Still Falling For You


Ellie Goulding shares new song for Bridget Jones soundtrack
Ellie Goulding had the biggest hit of her career so far last year when ‘Love Me Like You Do’, soundtrack of the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, reached the highest regions of the charts worldwide. The British pop star is about to try to meet the same levels of success again. She recorded a new single, titled ‘Still Falling For You’, and it will be released as the soundtrack for the new comedy Bridget Jones’s Baby. Sounds like she has another hit in her hands!

Goulding has a tradition going of putting out a re-release of her albums a year after the original saw the light of day. She did it with Lights and Bright Lights and later with Halcyon and Halcyon Days. The chances seem high we will be getting a new edition of her latest album Delirium soon with ‘Still Falling For You’ as part of it. Sonically it is not miles away from what she did on ‘Love Me Like You Do’. We get another midtempo pop track with lyrics about a passionate love affair and once again, the production makes quite a moment out of the chorus. There is a catchy guitar sample going on throughout the track which sets the tone for the song, so when the electronic breakdown in the middle-eight comes around, it sounds a bit out of place on first listen. You will find out it actually builds nicely to an explosive last chorus with Ellie Goulding belting her heart out. She is still nowhere near the levels of Halcyon, but this could definitely become a hit.

Update: Ellie Goulding just dropped the video for ‘Still Falling For You’, of course including a sneak peak of the movie.

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