Introducing: Katie Rose (Everything Yesterday EP Review)

Katie Rose

Young talent Katie Rose debuts with Everything Yesterday EP
The name Katie Rose might not ring a bell yet, but I would like to advise you to keep her in mind. The life of the 17-year-old upcoming artist from Charleston might be about to change as she just released her debut EP Everything Yesterday together with her band. Rose, who has been writing and performing music from a very young age, shows a lot of potential with a strong EP that touches upon numerous different aspects of singer-songwriter pop.

The EP opens with the infectious guitar pop tune ‘Everything Yesterday’ which is built around the repetition of the catchy hook ‘I’ll be happy when tomorrow comes”. She speeds things up with ‘Goodbye Song’, a track that starts out quiet but builds up to a rocky, drum heavy sound including a guitar solo halfway through, with Katie showing off the strength of her vocals. ‘Castle’ is the type of acoustic pop that would perfectly fit on the soundtrack of an emotional coming of age movie like Boyhood.

The highlight of the EP is the single ‘Wonder’, a song about being scared of falling, losing a friend and the moment she finally felt like she stood a chance in the music industry. It inspires young adults to follow the path they want to take. The vivacious instrumentation goes perfectly with Rose’s dreamy vocals and this track would work well on radio these days. She also impresses on ‘Feel’, a sound that was completely new to Rose as an artist, with a beat and a more electronic sound. “‘Feel’ is about being afraid of brand new territory, including sexuality – when you realize that maybe you aren’t just like everyone else”, she explains. Relatable to a lot of young people out there!

Katie Rose has a bright future with her ability to write catchy pop tunes and an absolutely beautiful tone in her voice!

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