Single Review: Diana Gordon – Woman

Diana Gordon Woman

Diana Gordon releases feminist anthem as second single
It is not even a month ago that Diana Gordon launched her first single under her new stage name. The artist we formerly knew as Wynter Gordon dropped ‘The Legend Of’ as a completely fresh start in her career. She quickly moves on now with a next track, titled ‘Woman’. Where ‘The Legend Of’ basically told the story of her life so far, ‘Woman’ is an ode to all the strong women in the world. Gordon hits back with this in your face feminist anthem!

Wynter Gordon briefly had hit success in 2011 with the dance pop single ‘Dirty Talk’. After an album of similar material she went into a new, more original direction with the stunning Doleo EP and the heartbreaking single ‘Bleeding Out’ last year. She contributed on a few tracks on Beyoncé’s latest album Lemonade and made a comeback as Diana Gordon. I’m glad to tell you that ‘Woman’ as a whole sounds a lot better than ‘The Legend Of’. The track is basically an ode to all women through the description of one phenomenal woman (or is she singing about Beyoncé?). Admitted, the verses feel a bit clunky lyrically at times, but that chorus is fire! “God gave you the answer when he gave you the woman. I know you’re the man, but don’t forget where you come from”, she makes clear to every man around the world. Girl (Woman) Power at its finest!

Gordon gave a rocking performance of ‘Woman’ live on stage at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

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