Single Review: Dua Lipa – Blow Your Mind (Mwah)

Dua Lipa cover

Dua Lipa drops another single titled ‘Blow Your Mind’
Dua Lipa was one of the most promising artists for 2016 according to a whole lot of music critics, but her career so far has been a bit of a hit and miss. Her single ‘Be The One’ reached high heights in the charts in the Netherlands and Belgium and later the German speaking countries and Australia and New Zealand got on board as well. Trend chasing follow up ‘Last Dance’ did next to nothing anywhere, so she was quick to continue her string of singles with the delicious ‘Hotter Than Hell’, which was the first track that did impress the public in her home country, the United Kingdom. Her label Warner Music seems a bit lost as to what to with her as they keep postponing the release of her self titled debut album. We started with September this year and ended up with February next year. In the mean time she changed the coverart for the record and just keeps putting out delicious pop singles, so I’m not one to complain.

The new single ‘Blow Your Mind (Mwah)’, which has been making its way on the internet for a while in the form of recorded performance videos, is another well written pop anthem with an insanely catchy chorus. In comparison to her previous releases the production is harder and louder with in your face drums and she serves more attitude and sassiness: “We fight and we argue, you’ll still love me blind. If we don’t f*ck this whole thing up, guaranteed, I will blow your mind, mwah!” Confidence sure is sexy, Dua! The post chorus is probably the most catchy part of the whole song, reminding a bit of Charli XCX in her early days. Hopefully this single will do well enough for her label to finally have the faith in her to actually drop her debut album. We sure want to hear more!

Update: Dua launched the official video for the single, showing off some impeccable styling (those MWAH necklaces!), banners and rainbow flags! We sure would love to join her on that rooftop party!

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