Single Review: Margaret – Elephant

margaret elephant

Margaret launches follow up to ‘Cool Me Down’
It has been an interesting year in the career of Polish pop star Margaret. She announced she would participate in the Polish national final for the Eurovision Song Contest with the track ‘Cool Me Down’ and was the one to beat from that moment on. Even the international bookmakers started to notice her track with Poland as number 1 in the odds to win for a while. A disappointing performance during the night in Poland stopped her from winning and her Eurovision adventure was over before it really began. Well, it depends how you look at it, because ‘Cool Me Down’ still crossed the borders and became a hit in for example Sweden. ‘Elephant’ is announced to be her new single and surfaced around the web.

Margaret, who is also a fashion blogger, releases the new single as part of the new Deichmann commercial campaign. ‘Elephant’ is sonically close to its predecessor with the same Rihanna light mix of pop and some R&B and an insanely catchy hook. Lyrically the track is about a figurative elephant in the room, being a guy Margaret would rather do without. That didn’t stop the producers of the track to immitate elephant noises within the electronic instrumentation. The build up to the chorus literally goes like ‘dumbo dum didi dumbo dum’ and there is no shame in rhyming ‘elephant’ with ‘irrelevant’ and ‘hesitant’. Sometimes we just love our pop tunes to be fun and a slight bit ridiculous. That’s exactly what ‘Elephant’ serves!

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