Single Review: Bastille – Send Them Off!

Bastille Wild World


Bastille continue promotion for Wild World with new single
The release of Wild World, Bastille’s second studio album, is coming closer and closer. The record will be released on the 9th of September and in the meantime the British band drops another single, titled ‘Send Them Off!’. Bastille returned to the charts in June with their catchy comeback single ‘Good Grief’ and treated their fans who pre-ordered the album to the pop force ‘Fake It’ in July. This album is shaping up to be quite a moment!

‘Send Them Off!’ continues the trend the two previous singles started with a quote from a movie as an intro. “It was a slight on my honor, so he deserved it, but we’re talking about the most brilliant mind this world’s ever seen”, a male voice says. The track itself is an infectious, uptempo pop tune with Dan’s distinctive vocals as centre of attention. In the chorus he begs and pleads to be released from the demons that are hunting him. “Set me free from my jealousy. Won’t you exorsize my mind? I want to be free as I’ll ever be. Exorsize my mind!”, he asks. Bastille score 3 out of 3 with the single run from this album so far!

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