Single Review: Rebecca Ferguson – Bones

Rebecca Ferguson Bones

Rebecca Ferguson returns with brand new single ‘Bones’
Rebecca Ferguson’s life drastically changed when she finished as a runner-up in the British version of the X Factor in 2010. The soulful singer-songwriter launched her first album Heaven a year later and gained international success. In 2013 she returned with sophomore record Freedom. Ferguson did her take on Billie Holiday songs with the cover album Lady Sings The Blues in 2015 and this week she announced her next original work. The album Superwoman will be released on the 14th of October and first single ‘Bones’ is out now!

Rebecca Ferguson does what she does best on her new single. ‘Bones’ is a midtempo pop song with soul influences, written and recorded in 2013 by New Zealand artist Ginny Blackmore. It fits Rebecca like a glove as she delivers heavenly vocals on a soaring and uplifting chorus. Lyrically the song deals with a past lover who was never really there for Rebecca. “It’s tough being a woman in love with an unkind man”, she explains the situation in the first verse. The chorus form the words she has always wanted him to say to her and they turn into something empowering when she sings them to herself: “Hey girl, you’re the prettiest things my eyes have ever seen, come on lay your bones down with me.” The use of backing vocals is glorious, adding some gospel influences to the track that subtly keeps building up to that final chorus. It might not be the kind of single that will give her a number 1 in the singles charts, but she is more of an album artist anyway. I am sure this will be one of the many wonderful parts of Superwoman.


Update: On the 28th of September, Rebecca released the video for ‘Bones’, focussing on the story of a lonely young woman.

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  1. ‘Bones’ is a cover of a 2013 track by NZ artist Ginny Blackmore, not original song. Do you make any research before review?

  2. Who’s the beautiful actress in the Bones video? She’s also amazing, even without any dialogue, in telling the story beautifully, using only facial expressions.

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