Single Review: Zara Larsson – Ain’t My Fault

zara larsson aint my fault

Zara Larsson finally returns with new single ‘Ain’t My Fault’
Zara Larsson has made us wait, but she is finally back with a new single! The Swedish pop star had her big breakthrough last year when her singles ‘Lush Life’ and ‘Never Forget You’ featuring MNEK both become international hits, even charting in the United States. The international debut album of the just 18 years old pop star was postponed a few times, but now she is back in business. Her new track is called ‘Ain’t My Fault’, co-written again by MNEK. Zara Larsson is ready to storm the charts again!

In comparison to her earlier work, ‘Ain’t My Fault’ sounds a bit more urban. The drop after the chorus is inspired by hiphop, but at the same time the track has got quite a few poppy moments. The ‘I-I-I can be responsible’ parts are insanely catchy and when she shows off her powerful vocals in the middle-eight it sounds like we are listening to¬†90s pop classic. Larsson explained in an earlier interview how the song was about stealing the man of another girl, which she couldn’t help because she was better than her. As Larsson did not want to promote rivalry between girls, she changed the lyrics a bit, to make sure the song is now adressed towards the guy that is driving her crazy. Good call! Meanwhile this is the second pop track in a short period to mention taxi service Uber after JoJo’s ‘No Apologies’. The urban influenced sound of the song with the handclaps in the chorus and the beatdrop is far from original in this day and age and she cannot yet seem to shake off the ‘Rihanna light’ stamp she has been given, but she stands a good chance of having another international hit.

Update: Zara Larsson looks and behaves like a pop star in her new video!

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