Single Review: Céline Dion – Recovering


Céline Dion is recovering on new single written by P!nk
Céline Dion has had to go through a lot this year. The pop star lost both her husband and her brother to cancer in January. After a period of grief she returned to the public eye at the Billboard Music Awards, performing Queen classic ‘The Show Must Go On’ and giving an emotional speech after receiving the Icon Award. Last month she released the French languaged album Encore Un Soir and today marks her comeback to English pop with the new single ‘Recovering’.

Dion’s last English work was released in 2013 when she dropped the fantastic single ‘Loved Me Back To Life’, co-written by Sia and the album with the same name. This time around she managed to get another big pop star to write for her. ‘Recovering’ was penned by Alecia Moore, better known as P!nk. The fragile piano ballad comes straight from the heart and seems to describe Céline’s situation appropriately. “Little by little, day by day, shake off the devil, take back my peace of mind”, she sings over a subtle piano rhythm, only to end the song with the words ‘tell him I love him’. We know Céline for her incredible vocal power which she usually shows off by belting, but this time around she keeps it in with a fragile tone. It’s beautiful and I am sure this song will speak to a lot of people’s hearts.

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