Single Review: Tove Lo – Influence (feat. Wiz Khalifa)


Tove Lo drops new track ‘Influence’ featuring Wiz Khalifa
Tove Lo is busy preparing the release of her sophomore album Lady Wood on the 28th of October. The Swedish pop star who reached huge international success with her singles ‘Habits (Stay High)’ and ‘Talking Body’ returned last month with the brand new track ‘Cool Girl’. She launched a new sound with deeper beats and a great video showing she is indeed a ‘cool girl’. She continues in the same direction with the new track ‘Influence’, featuring a rap by Wiz Khalifa.

‘Influence’ was uploaded on iTunes and Spotify as a second taste of what is to come when Lady Wood will see the light of day. Tove Lo definitely is going for a more danceable sound with prominent beats and bass lines. ‘Influence’ builds up carefully with decent verses and strong vocals, but truly unveils itself when the chorus kicks in. Tove Lo sensually sings ‘I’m under the influence, so don’t believe every word I say’ over a deep house like beat. The track manages to create the same sort of hypnotic catchiness she was going for with ‘Cool Girl’. if this all wasn’t infectious enough she adds another hook (‘boy meets boy meets girl meets girl’) during the middle eight which is repeated through the last chorus. Quite the tune, isn’t it? Let’s quickly forget about that rap verse by Wiz Khalifa though. With all due respect to him as an artist, this rent a rapper trend needs to stop. It doesn’t fit the track and actually kills the whole groove of the tune. By the time the beat and the chorus come back again, all is forgiven again however. I have a feeling we will be able to bop to Lady Wood from start to finish!

If you are living in an area where the track is not yet released, listen to it here.

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