Friday’s Five Tunes with RABBII


Always wondered what pop stars themselves listen to whenever they are not on stage or writing new music? It’s time to find out! Every week, A Bit of Pop Music will bring you Friday’s Five Tunes, a selection of five favourite songs by a current pop artist. This week we learn all about the musical preferences of RABBII.

RABBII, Revolutions Are Best Before Initial Inception, is a Swedish electronic pop duo consisting of Johanna Berglund and Felix Persson. They started their career as part of the colourful Swedish pop band Le Kid, but moved towards darker electro pop territory in their new formation. They first made an online impact with the single ‘Chameleon’ and stepped up their game with the all sorts of brilliant single ‘New Friends’ with a banger of a chorus. Johanna and Felix took some time to talk about their favourite songs to A Bit of Pop Music.

Grimes – Oblivion
“Grimes is one of the coolest artists on this planet. ‘Oblivion’ is one of my favourite tracks from probably the best album she has ever made. She has a way of building a special kind of world around her tracks – pure magic.”

FKA twigs – Good To Love
“This is a really sweet song actually. I adore her voice, it’s so fragile and so strong at the same time. Every word she sings is like a gentle caress to the ear. The track feels like a song you’ve heard before – in a good way.”

Die Antwoord – I Fink U Freeky
“I LOVE this band. This track is my drug on a bad day. There’s basically not a frame in the video that’s not a perfect piece of art. I get stuck in this kind of depression meets glee-feeling. I can relate.”

Purity Ring – Begin Again
“I listen to this track several times a day – it’s perfect. Purity ring has the most beautiful lyrics and this one is one of their best. One of the best love songs I know. And the video is also genius! If you haven’t seen it you have to! It’s so literal in a weird way.”

Chris Isaak – Wicked Game
“This is like the best track in the world! There’s something in Chris Isaak’s voice that works like a kind of masturbation for the ear. Crazy cozy!”

This outstanding list of songs shows the artists that influenced the sound of RABBII. It perfectly captures the great elements of their style: catchy hooks, exciting electronic productions and emotive lyrics! If you did not check out ‘New Friends’ yet, you’re missing out. This is definitely among the best electro pop tunes of the year! This is your chance!

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