Single Review: Rochelle – Way Up (feat. Kalibwoy)


Rochelle teams up with Kalibwoy on catchy new single
Dutch pop star Rochelle reinvented herself succesfully earlier this year with the single ‘All Night Long’, presenting a more urban sound with summmery dancehall influences. The X Factor winner had some international chart success in 2013 with her Yellow Claw collaboration ‘Shotgun’ and is ready for more! She launches a new single called ‘Way Up’ and she gets some help from rapper and dancehall artist Kalibwoy.

‘Way Up’ follows the same path as its predecessor ‘All Night Long’. It is uptempo urban inspired pop with dancehall influences. The track sounds like summer and that chorus is extremely catchy! Once again she uses an instrumental breakdown in the chorus which is the sound of 2016, made popular by Major Lazer. Kalibwoy’s guest rap flows perfectly in the vibe of the tune. To be fair, this sounds even more like a hit than ‘All Night Long’ with convincing lyrics and more attitude. The story of the song is Rochelle telling her mum that she is doing fine for herself and that things will get even better although they don’t see each other a lot. “Tell mama that I’m well on my way up. Won’t let nobody get in my way oh!”, she sings and we totally believe her. She just made a huge step on her ‘way up’ with this single!

Update: Rochelle and Kalibwoy recorded a video in Amsterdam! There is quite some cool dance scenes with smart use of slow motion and fast forwarding!