The Weeknd – Starboy (feat. Daft Punk)


The Weeknd returns with Daft Punk collaboration ‘Starboy’
2015 was a big year for The Weeknd. The Canadian artist born as Abel Tesfaye had a growing fan following for years, but it was last year that he successfully transferred to mainstream territory. He had a huge hit with his Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack ‘Earned It’ and followed this up with the worldwide smash ‘Can’t Feel My Face’. Singles ‘In The Night’ and ‘The Hills’ performed well too. Only somewhat more than a year after the release of the album Beauty Behind the Madness he returns with the new single ‘Starboy’, taken from the upcoming record with the same name, out on the 25th of November.

On this new track, The Weeknd gets help from successful French production duo Daft Punk. It might sound like a surprising collaboration at first, but when you hear the track it all makes sense. The Weeknd’s brand of contemporary R&B is driven a little further into the direction of electronica, but still maintains a sound that could easily appeal to the general public. During the verses Abel’s gorgeous vocals take centre stage, while vocal effects take over in the chorus, bringing Daft Punk’s influence to the front. On first listen, it does not necessarily sound like a radio hit, but it certainly is catchy enough to creep into the consciousness on first listen. It is all so hypnotic! Try to get that ‘ha ha ha ha I’m a motherf*cking starboy’ out of your head. Impossible, right? This has potential to blow up over the coming weeks!

Update: The Weeknd is on a dancing rampage after he kills off his former self (or a doppelganger, who really knows, we ain’t expecting an explanation anytime soon) in the music video for ‘Starboy’. As if that wasn’t enough, he also drives his brand new car with a black panther on the passenger seat. Yes, seriously!

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