Single Review: Aura – Indian Giver


Aura chases trends on new single ‘Indian Giver’
Danish pop star Aura Dione returned to the music scene as simply Aura in June, when she released her latest single ‘Love Somebody’. It seemed as if by losing the second part of her stage name, she lost some of her magic as well. Although it definitely was not a bad comeback single, it was a tad bland and not exciting enough to bring her back in the spotlight. This reflected in the disappointing performance of the single as well. Where previous tracks like ‘Geronimo’ and ‘I Will Love You Monday (365)’ reached the highest heights in the Danish and German charts, this time around she was nowhere to be found. She is about to try again with the second single from her new project, ‘Indian Giver’.

Aura and her team obviously opt for a hit single this time, jumping on the bandwagon of the Major Lazer sound-a-likes. ‘Indian Giver’ follows the same structure as the trend started by ┬átheir’Lean On’ with an upbeat vibe and an electronic instrumental post chorus. Although Aura delivers vocally and there is a strong hook hidden in that song somewhere, ‘Indian Giver’ suffers from having a cheap sounding production that feels like a poor man’s version of the sound of the charts at the moment. Again not a bad song, but the production prevents it from sounding more enjoyable. I’d rather hear Aura play to her own strengths with her quirky brand of catchy pop choruses, instead of following trends that do not suit her warm vocals anyway.

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