Single Review: Katie Melua – Dreams On Fire


Katie Melua collaborates with Georgian all female choir
Can you imagine it is already 13(!!) years ago that Katie Melua had her big breakthrough with her successful debut album Call Off The Search? The young singer and songwriter quickly conquered Europe with a mix of jazz, blues and pop with her sweet and soothing vocals to tip it all off. She had numerous hits including ‘The Closest Thing To Crazy’, ‘Nine Million Bicycles’ and ‘If You Were A Sailboat’, but also experienced what a career is like when the hype wears off. Her last three studio albums still reached the top 10 in the UK, which makes her one of the few female artists who managed to debut in top 10 with their first 6 studio albums, but did not come close to the sale figures she used to bring in. This does not stop her from consistently putting out beautiful songs, like the new single ‘Dreams On Fire’.

Katie Melua, who was born in Georgia and partly grew up there, returned to her roots to record her seventh album In Winter, which will be released on the 14th of October. The new record is a special collaboration with a all female choir from Georgia. “When I first heard the Gori Women’s Choir I was blown away by the sound of their voices”, Katie explains on her official website. First single ‘Dreams On Fire’ gives us a little taste of what to expect. Katie plays a gentle guitar rhythm and lets her voice soar over a beautiful chorus that is taken to the next level by the choir. She plays to her strengths with her gorgeous vocals and the sound that has brought her so much success over the years. ‘Dreams On Fire’ definitely is one of the best songs she has released in recent years and here’s hoping there are more to come on In Winter.

Check out the official video for the new single, recorded in the restored Tbilisi Opera House, below.

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