Song of the Day: Démira – Fountain


Démira launches new single ‘Fountain’
Dutch singer-songwriter Démira is a busy lady this year. After dropping her EP White Ravens earlier this year, including the impressive singles ‘Dragons’ and ‘Trophy’, she now drops the next track. The young artist who made her first steps in the music industry by participating in the talent show The Best Singer-Songwriter of the Netherlands, releases the track ‘Fountain’ as the next single and it is once again quality pop!

Démira has been writing music since she was very young and this is hearable, considering the fact she has created a distinctive style of lyricism and vocal delivery that is easily recognizable and completely her own. ‘Fountain’ is another example of her folky pop with an atmospheric production and it might even be catchier then her previous releases. As she explained in an interview with A Bit of Pop Music, she experimented with a more electronic sound here. “I love the vibe of ‘Fountain’ and I would certainly like to explore that even further.” The track builds up beautifully and that chorus might be the strongest she has written so far. “Honey I surrender, if you leave me be. The only gunpoint on the balcony. My hands are up, my hands are up, for both of us”, she sings over a catchy hook that certainly deserves a spot on radio playlists. Démira launches the video for ‘Fountain’ on Friday the 30th of September, so stay tuned!

Update: Together with charity organization Wij Zijn Mind, Démira created a video for ‘Fountain’ about problems with mental health. With this visual she hopes to take away the shame sufferers of depression and other mental health problems feel, which stops them from openly talking about it. “Expressing emotions is not a weakness, it is a powerful thing”, Démira explains. The result is a stunning music video with emotional dance scenes. It is releases like this that make me proud to be a Dutch pop blogger!

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