Single Review: Lady Gaga – Million Reasons


Lady Gaga shows new side to her art on acoustic new song
We only have to wait two more weeks until Lady Gaga drops her long awaited fifth studio album, titled Joanne. The celebrated pop star returned to the lime light last month with the comeback single ‘Perfect Illusion’, on which Gaga showed off her mighty vocals, in combination with a more organic production. The catchy tune produced by Kevin Parker, Mark Ronson, BloodPop en Miss Gaga herself, is now followed up by the promo track ‘Million Reasons’. Again we hear Gaga like we never heard before!

Everyone who has been following Gaga’s Joanne campaign, knows that the pop star is doing things differently these days. The outfits are a lot more stripped back and the music video for ‘Perfect Illusion’ was quite straightforward, but impressive. New track ‘Million Reasons’ once again shows Lady Gaga is on a different track. The ballad is mainly based on guitar and centres around her powerful vocals, belting that she only needs one good reason to stay with her partner. “When I bow down to pray, I try to make the worst seem better”, Gaga sings about a dysfunctional relationship. The song has a light rock and country vibe to it and was co-written with Hillary Lindsey. The instrumentation builds up beautifully and Gaga’s emotive vocals work perfectly for this type of track. This makes me all the more excited for Joanne!

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