Song of the Day: Lorrèn – Hideaway


Dutch singer-songwriter Lorrèn drops brand new single
Lorrèn is back with some new music. The Dutch singer-songwriter who launched her debut album Shades of Blue last year, including the outstanding singles ‘The Game of Love’ and ‘Struggle’ is ready for a next phase. In an interview with A Bit of Pop Music at the end of last year, Lorrèn already explained her album had been finished for a while and she couldn’t wait to move on. Not even a year later we get ‘Hideaway’, the beautiful first single taken from her to be released second project. 

In terms of style, ‘Hideaway’ definitely is not a huge switch from what Lorrèn sounded like before, but it is more of a natural progression. The arrangements are still jazzy and the instrumentation has a swinging quality, while Lorrèn’s vocals sound bright and soothing as ever. At the same time ‘Hideaway’ is defnitely one of her catchiest tracks yet, with an undeniable hook that repeats the sentence ‘Come On In’. The track starts out with just piano and Lorrèn’s vocals, but quickly builds up up to that chorus which won’t leave your head anymore. Such a lovely and breezy song!

Update: Lorrèn looks stunning in a green and sunny music video for ‘Hideaway’.


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