Single Review: The Veronicas – On Your Side


The Veronicas drop trendy new single ‘On Your Side’
2016 has been a big year so far for The Veronicas. After a break they came back swinging in June with the release of the pop banger ‘In My Blood’. The track reached the first position in the charts in their home country Australia and they are nominated for three ARIA awards thanks to the song. There is no news yet about their upcoming fourth album, but the sisters are about to try to repeat the success with their brand new single ‘On Your Side’.

With ‘On Your Side’, The Veronicas remain in upbeat electronic pop territory, but where ‘In My Blood’ was slightly more focussed on dance, ‘On Your Side’ follows the 2016 pop trend of light electronic breakdowns as chorus, made popular by Norwegian producer Kygo. In terms of production it seems the girls are slightly behind this time, jumping in on a trend that has been going on for months and might be about to die off soon. Having said that, there is no denying that with ‘On Your Side’ they once again deliver a well written pop track with some serious hooks and a nice flow in the build up. Lyrically the song describes how the girls try to stay close friends with their exes, declaring they will always be on their side. After the success of ‘In My Blood’, ‘On Your Side’ is right on the money and will probably be another big Australian success.

Update: The Veronicas teamed up with actress and model Ruby Rose for the video for their latest single ‘On Your Side’. The video tells the story of a relationship turned sour because of a painkiller addiction. It is a beautiful depiction of loyalty and how you never stop caring about a person you truly love(d).


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