Single Review: Little Mix – Shout Out To My Ex


Little Mix return to X Factor to premiere new single
The girls of Little Mix returned to the stage where it all began last night. They premiered their new single ‘Shout Out To My Ex’ live at the X Factor UK, the show they won in 2011. Since their victory they have been consistently releasing new music, as they are already on to their fourth album, titled Glory Days, out on the 18th of November. After last year’s Get Weird became their biggest selling record so far, with hit singles ‘Black Magic’ and ‘Hair’, the expectations are high for their brand new track. But will it be the worldwide hit we are all hoping for?

To be fair, Little Mix once again does not earn a prize for originality with this song. It is nothing we haven’t heard before. In fact we actually have heard it before when we listened to ‘Ugly Heart’ by American girlband G.R.L.. ‘Shout Out To My Ex’ got a similar vibe with a prominent guitar rif in the second verse and a chanting chorus that sticks and even melodically there are some obvious similarities. Lyrically the girls give their exes a heads up that they should not worry about them, because they are ‘cool, by the way’. This is by no means a bad single from Little Mix and I can see it beome a hit internationally, but I’m still waiting for them to carf out a style that sets them apart more from other pop acts out there. The material they have been putting out so far has been consistently good pop, but in terms of their singles, it is also the faceless kind. They sound like they could have been recorded by a whole lot of other pop stars and I know they have it in them to show more of their own personality in their records. I have faith that one day they will be able to drop a pop R&B cross over anthem as big as En Vogue’s ‘Don’t Let Go (Love)’.

Update: The girls have a lot of fun while looking gorgeous on a road trip in the music video!


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