Song of the Day: Celine Cairo – Friendly Fire


Celine Cairo leases new single taken from upcoming album
Almost a year has passed since the release of Celine Cairo’s comeback single ‘Hello Love’, but finally we get a follow up. The Dutch singer-songwriter introduced a more electronic sound with synths and beats on the anthemic pop song from last year and she follows a similar direction on ‘Friendly Fire’, a single taken from her upcoming debut album, which will be debuted during a live show in December. Cairo recorded the tune in Los Angeles and the city inspired in the creation of the music video as well.

Cairo wrote the track in Amsterdam and explains it is about a situation in which you feel betrayed as a person you trust doesn’t tell you the complete truth. She translates this into a breezy synth pop song with a catchy hook. The repetitions in the chorus make the song stick and her vocals sound warm and soothing as always. It is not as explosive and instant as ‘Hello Love’, but creeps on you with a more understated production and build up. The video, inspired by her time in Los Angeles, is a compilation of footage shot by Cairo herself and visuals she selected that capture the spirit of the city for her, something we can hear back in the song itself as well. Cairo’s debut album, Free Fall, will be presented on the 14th of December in Amsterdam. 

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