Single Review: Dami Im – Fighting For Love


Dami Im goes dance pop on new single
2016 has been a big year for Dami Im so far. The Australian pop star represented her country in the Eurovision Song Contest and after winning the juries vote, it looked like she was going to secure the first victory for the Aussies. After the televoting she ended up in second position, which is of course still a great result for the flawlessly performed ballad ‘Sound of Silence’. Around the date of the contest she also released an album, which however did not have anything to do with the whole competition. She recorded a collection of Carpenters covers under the title Classic Carpenters. Now, half a year later, she is ready to move on for a new era in her career, with the brand new single ‘Fighting For Love’.

With her new track, Dami Im goes down the pop dance route again. To be fair, everything sounds impressive sung with her voice, but ‘Fighting For Love’ is definitely not one of her most impressive releases. The overall dance pop sound she and her team went with, is a bit outdated and even the beat drop in the chorus cannot┬áchange┬áthat. Lyrically it is too bland to make any lasting impression. “I’m fighting for love, cause it’s the only thing I feel. I’m fighting for us, cause you are the only thing that’s real” are too cliche to be used as a hook in a track these days. It hurts me to say, but this just does not cut it. Dami Im can do better and so she should.

If the song is not available in your country yet, you can listen to it here.

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  1. I agree. The song is disappointing because of the weak lyrics and generic production. “Superlove” and “Gladiator” are still her strongest pop singles, to date. Even “Smile” was a better single.

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