Single Review: Loïc Nottet – Million Eyes


Loïc Nottet finally back with new power pop single
Remember when Loïc Nottet brought Belgium one of their biggest Eurovision Song Contest successes in the history of the television show? In 2015, he represented his country with the contemporary electronic pop track ‘Rhythm Inside’, stunning vocals and an eye catching choreography and ended up in a respectable fourth place. Ever since, things got quiet around Nottet in terms of music. He won a French televised dancing show for famous people, but no new single followed. Now, one and a half years after Eurovision, we finally get a brand new track. It’s called ‘Million Eyes’ and it is exactly the power pop we were hoping for.

His performances in The Voice of Belgium already made clear that is an emotive performer with huge vocals and that is exactly what he is showing off on ‘Million Eyes’. The midtempo electronic pop single has an intense chorus where Loïc belts his heart out. The lyrics seem to deal with being judged by everyone when you are in the public eye. “With your million eyes you’re watching me. You talk behind my back… You keep judging me”, he sings in full force. In terms of composition, production and the use of his powerful vocals, ‘Million Eyes’ could easily have been part of Sia’s most recent album, which of course is meant as a big compliment. Loïc Nottet is back and we are in desperate need of an album full of this style!

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