Single Review: Charli XCX – After The Afterparty (feat. Lil Yachty)


Charli XCX can’t get enough of partying on new single
British pop star Charli XCX had her big breakthrough in 2014 when her The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack ‘Boom Clap’ became an international hit. She followed the single up with her second album Sucker on which the electronic pop sound of her debut was transformed into more commercial radio pop with big chanting choruses. The new single ‘After The Afterparty’, featuring a verse by Lil Yachty, definitely follows the sound of the latter. But is that the sound we are hoping from Charli in 2016?

‘After The Afterparty’ opens with its main hook, which will not let you go for the rest of the song, your day and probably your week as well. With restrained vocals over piano she delivers the lyrics about not going home even when the after party is done, until a beat kicks in and she repeats the same, but this time in the chanting manner we heard on ‘Boom Clap’ and ‘Break The Rules’ as well. It is hard to criticize this track as it is so insanely catchy with a hook that is just undeniable in every single way, but at the same time I am left with an empty feeling, because I know that Charli is capable of more. To be honest, the lyrics sound quite infantile and show no sign of progression and Lil Yachty’s rap verse is cringe worthy at best. Having said that, I would not rule out ‘After The Afterparty’ becoming a hit, because if anything, that hook will make its way into people’s consciousness fairly easily.

Listen here if ‘After The Afterparty’ is not yet available in your country.

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