Single Review: Fergie – Life Goes On


Fergie returns with her best single in years
To be fair, Fergie’s comeback over the past year has been far from impressive. In June she released the new track ‘M.I.L.F. $’, but even a music video with some ‘desirable’ mothers and Fergie pouring milk over herself could not take away from the fact that the song was poorly executed and desperately lacking a strong hook. Chart wise it did not do as much as her team probably hoped for, but she is back to try it again with the brand new track ‘Life Goes On’. The good news here is that it is a whole lot better than its predecessor!

Thank you Fergie for at least serving us an interesting melody! ‘Life Goes On’ is easily her best work in years with beautiful vocals and a soaring chorus. She carefully balances a contemporary production with a sound that could be described as typically Fergie, including some elements taken from her debut album The Dutchess. It sounds like the more playful little sister of her solo hit ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ with similar personal lyrics, but lighter vibe. We hear some ‘dadadas’ that have become a trademark in her vocal style and during the extensive middle eight she even serves some firy raps. In terms of chances for a radio hit, this seems like the best shot she has in a while. Maybe we will finally get to hear her second solo album as well then!

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