Single Review: Kyla La Grange – Justify


Kyla La Grange explores electronic pop on new single ‘Justify’
British singer-songwriter and pop artist Kyla La Grange boosted her career greatly in 2014 when her single ‘Cut Your Teeth’ became a hit. The remix by Norwegian producer and DJ Kygo appeared in the charts in numerous European countries. After the release of her second album with the same name, La Grange changed her release strategy and released a single every few months. Firstly we were treated to pop perfection ‘So Sweet’ and she continued with the darker track ‘Skin’. Earlier this year she dropped the breezy single ‘Hummingbird’ and now it is finally time for a follow up. The brand new tune ‘Justify’ is out now!

In a post on her Facebook page, Kyla explained how she gets restless if she does not try new things. She elaborated on how her debut record was inspired by sad folk and rock while Cut Your Teeth was created while listening to Scandinavian pop records. After a full on pop face with ‘So Sweet’ and ‘Hummingbird’ she says to be influenced by dance these days. ‘Justify’ is still pop in its core with a big and bright chorus, but the production is clearly inspired by electronic dance music. The synths are louder, the beats harder and Kyla’s lyrics and delivery are feisty and unapologetic. It is great to see and hear that Kyla keeps reinventing herself while still maintaining her excellent ear for catchy melodies!

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