Introducing: Maggie Rogers


Maggie Rogers enchants the world with mix of folk and electronic pop
Starting out as a banjo player and folk artist, Maggie Rogers was always destined to become a musician. A few years ago however, she distanced herself from it to find out who she really is, both as an artist and as a person. The American singer-songwriter moved to France and had what she calls a ‘spiritual experience’ with dance music. This changed her sound, still incorporating elements of folk, but beautifully blending them with a more electronic sound. Her single ‘Alaska’ brought her a lot of online buzz and she is now ready to follow up with the new track ‘Dog Years’.

Rogers shared her personal track ‘Alaska’ for the first time with Pharrell Williams (and the world as both the song and his reaction went sort of viral) during a producers and songwriters masterclass. Pharrell was in awe of her sound from the moment the song started playing and praised her uniqueness saying her style was truly ‘singular’. Maggie went on to record a beautiful video shot in a forest to accompany the lyrics about leaving her old self behind and transforming into a new person while hiking in Alaska. The subtle beats with the folky chords make for a trully enchanting listen¬†that she now further explores on the brand new single ‘Dog Years’.

The beats in the chorus feel a bit more synth heavy this time, but Rogers’ angelic vocals soar just as beautifully¬†over this kind of production. She has a great ear for melodies and seemlessly incorporates these poppy hooks in her very own sound. Her second music video shows she is one for quirky and intriguing visuals, adding to her potential as pop’s next big thing. It is already exciting to watch her grow and a full album of this style already sounds like heaven to me!

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