Single Review: Anna of the North – Oslo


Anna of the North’s new single is hommage to Oslo
Anna of the North caught our attention at the end of 2015 when we came across her track ‘The Dreamer’. Based on that single we chose the Norwegian / New Zealand duo as most promising artist for 2016 and they sure haven’t been disappointing us ever since. After the slow burning synth ballad ‘Baby’ and the 80s throwback ‘Us’, they now launch ‘Oslo’, an ode to the city Anna calls home.

Although ‘Oslo’ is pushed as a single now, the track is not completely new. An early demo was put on the world wide web in 2014. Now we finally get to hear the fully mastered end result and it does not disappoint. The mix of sharp and icy synths in combination with Anna’s soaring vocals, shows us once more that the Scandinavians are unchallenged at the moment when it comes to electronic pop music. This is such an accurate ode to the Norwegian capital and the video which depicts cold but sunny landscapes is about the best visualization for the sound. The hooks are subtle and without realizing, settle in your mind and won’t leave anytime soon. Can you imagine how glorious a full album of Anna of the North streamlined synth pop will sound? Exciting news is that we are probably going to find out later this year!

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