Single Review: Zara Larsson – So Good (feat. Ty Dollar $ign)


Zara Larsson delivers weakest single so far with ‘So Good’
Let me get a few things straight here. Yes, I do think Zara Larsson has great potential as a pop star, but the way her career has been managed so far, is not the great success story it could and should have been. The young Swedish singer stormed the international charts almost two years ago with her successful single ‘Lush Life’. Zara and her team seemed unprepared for the sudden success as follow up singles took a long time and to this date we still haven’t received her international debut record. She keeps dropping new singles though, but with the last one, titled ‘So Good’, the quality significantly dropped too.

At the end of 2016 Larsson shared the track ‘I Would Like’ that was initially only meant as a promo single, but surprisingly grew out to be hit in the UK. The follow up, featuring a pointless rap by Ty Dollar #ign is out now and if you ask me it is simply not good enough. I know last year’s ‘Ain’t My Fault’ divided opinions, but at least that track had some sassiness and sensuality about it, packaged with quite the killer hook. ‘So Good’ unfortunately just falls flat in comparison.

The chorus is repetitive and lacks any exciting moments, which were desperately needed to make that production sound even remotely interesting. In the verses we actually get similar melody progressions to the far superior ‘Never Forget You’, her hit single recorded with British producer and artist MNEK. ‘So Good’ feels like a song recorded on autopilot and we need and expect more from the potential pop princess from Sweden.

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