Single Review: Mariah Carey – I Don’t (Feat. YG)


Mariah Carey launches break up anthem featuring YG
2017 was off to a bad start for Mariah Carey. Music’s biggest diva received a lot of backlash for her New Years Eve performance that was ruined due to some technical problems. Carey is ready to put the whole incident behind her now. In between recording and airing the reality series Mariah’s World, she now also releases a brand new single. The track is called ‘I Don’t’. The confident break up anthem is a collaboration with rapper YG.

Over the past few years Mariah Carey has been making more headlines than hits and although I don’t see this track setting the charts on fire, it definitely is one of her most decent recent releases. ‘I Don’t’ follows the R&B and hiphop infused sound we are used to from her now and both rapper YG and MC herself deliver some proper hooks. The lyrics are simple, but effective. She addresses her ex lover telling him: “When you love someone you just don’t treat them bad. You messed up all we had, probably think I’m coming back, but I don’t, I don’t”. This for sure won’t go down as a highlight in Mariah’s rich discography, but it is a nice enough single to switch the attention back to her music for at least a little while.

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