The Ultimate Katy Perry top 10


The big comeback of Katy Perry is upon us! Let us just pretend that ‘Rise’ never happened and hope for the best! Perry will come back with the brand new single ‘Chained To The Rhythm’ on Friday the 10th of February. The first live performance of the track will take place during the Grammy’s Show on the 12th. To prepare yourself for this big moment in pop, we listed Perry’s 10 best singles so far!

10. Part of Me (2012)
‘Part of Me’ might not be one of Katy Perry’s most memorable releases, but it was one of her many number 1 hits and rightfully so. This is power pop at its finest with an undeniably strong chorus. I don’t trust anyone who does not want to scream the lyrics from the top of their lungs when this song plays.

09. California Gurls (2010)
‘California Gurls’ was one of Katy Perry’s more trend chasing releases. She used a sound already proven to be successful by Kesha’s ‘Tik Tok’, but that does not make it any less catchy of course. That unforgettable colourful video did help a lot as wel of course. If I was from California I would still be bopping to this regularly.

08. Roar (2013)
Criticism for sounding too much like Sara Bareilles’ ‘Brave’ aside, ‘Roar’ is a big pop anthem that deserved to become a big hit. Lyrically it might not be her strongest track, but it is hard not go along with the infectious, triumphant vibe. There was literally nothing in Katy’s way to let this become a huge international hit.

07. The One That Got Away (2010)
Painful heartbreak seldomly sounds as catchy as on ‘The One That Got Away’. The upbeat pop track sees Katy Perry nostalgically looking back on a past relationship, regretting that it ever ended. No doubt that this track struck a chord with a lot of listeners. Perry delivers proof a track does not have to be slow to move.

06. Teenage Dream (2010)
The Teenage Dream campaign was the moment in Perry’s career where she went from major pop star to one of the biggest stars in the world. The title track of the album was completely on trend in 2010 and to be fair it is one of the most romantic, heartwarming and uplifting love songs of the decade.

05. Hot ‘N Cold (2008)
Can you think of a better single to show off that you are not a one day fly? I for one cannot! After the success of ‘I Kissed A Girl’ expectations were high around Katy Perry and with ‘Hot ‘N Cold’ she immediately proved that she was here to stay. Written by Perry, Max Martin and Dr. Luke, this served some pretty iconic pop lyricism and grew out the be a modern day classic pop tune.

04. E.T. (2010)
Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream era was one of the best executed and successful campaigns in recent pop music. For the criticizers who called the album ‘too poppy’ and ‘too sweet’, she had the exquisitely produced single ‘E.T.’ lined up. With thick beats and an in your face chorus she added the necessary diversity to her sound. One of the absolute highlights in Perry’s impressive career.

03. I Kissed A Girl (2008)
This was the single that launched Katy Perry as an exciting new pop star. She first stormed the international charts with this cheeky, tongue in cheek and mostly insanely catchy single. Both in terms of image and sound, from the very moment ‘I Kissed A Girl’ was released it was clear that Katy Perry would become a big one in the pop world!

02. Dark Horse (2013)
Katy Perry’s Prism was mostly disappointing because of the lack of risks taken, resulting in a quite uninspired album, but it did bring us ‘Dark Horse’, easily one of her best tracks ever. Build ups to instrumental breakdowns do not get much better than the ‘so you wanna play with magic’ parts on ‘Dark Horse’. It is suspenseful, original and a bold choice as single which paid off.

01. Firework (2010)
Bombastic? Yes. Cheesy lyrics? Maybe. An era defining pop classic? Hell yeah! ‘Firework’ might not sound as exciting anymore as it did when it came out in 2010, due to the song being overplayed on the radio and having inspired countless of other self love pop anthems, but this was a huge moment in the pop world and in Perry’s career. The production, the build up, the anthemic chorus, it made for quite the perfect pop track!

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