Single Review: Aura – Can’t Steal The Music


Aura returns to form on new single ‘Can’t Steal The Music’
Aura (formerly known as Aura Dione) tested our patience when she made us wait five years for her comeback, but after the success of the album Before The Dinosaurs released in 2011, including hit singles ‘Geronimo’ and ‘Friends’, she finally returned with new material last year. However, the singles ‘Love Somebody‘ and ‘Indian Giver‘ both disappointed slightly and didn’t exactly set the charts on fire. I am glad to inform that it took Aura three times to get it right, because her brand new single ‘Can’t Steal The Music’ is by far the best track of her new era so far.

Followers of the career of the Danish pop star know she has an exceptional talent for writing catchy pop hooks, but the two singles released in 2016 didn’t exactly put this skill nor her warm vocals in a beautiful light as both tracks tried to hard to chase trends. On ‘Can’t Steal The Music’ Aura finds the balance between following what sounds current and sticking to what made her successful as an artist. The track starts out with a guitar loop that soon gets company from a drum machine that leads into a more than proper ¬†stripped back chorus with a major hook, slightly reminding me of Zara Larsson’s ‘I Would Like’. What follows is an instrumental breakdown and although not very original, this time around it works way better in context to the rest of the track.

Lyrically, ‘Can’t Steal The Music’ is about not letting anyone take her biggest passion in life away from her. “Let me just for once, let me dance to the music. You can’t take that away. Can’t steal the music!”, she declares confidently. Amen to that! Aura is officially back!

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