Single Review: Sumera – Animal


Sumera returns in style with new single ‘Animal’
Followers of this blog might remember me writing about Berlin based upcoming electronic pop star Sumera. After a two years long break from releasing, she is finally back with new material! At the start of 2015 she took us by surprise with the stunning single ‘I See You’, which was launched as the follow up to ‘Wolf’ from 2014. With darker electronic pop it seemed she found her own sound, but then she suddenly disappeared from the radar for quite a while. Today marks the release of her comeback with the brand new track ‘Animal’.

I am glad to report that Sumera is still very much on the right track in terms of sound. In comparison to the two previously mentioned singles, ‘Animal’ is even more dominated by electronic elements. The beats are harder, the synths are deeper and the production is darker. With her gloriously sultry vocals, Sumera describes a wild, all consuming love affair. The repetition of ‘my animal, insane’ and ‘covered in dirt with you’ are extremely catchy. Sumera still operates in similar soundscape to pop stars like BANKS and FKA twigs and quite effortlessly I must add. Fingers crossed we won’t have to wait another two years to hear more!

Update: Sumera’s ‘Animal’ is released on Don Diablo’s Hexagon label, part of Spinnin’ Records. The mysterious and slightly creepy video already has over 200.000 views on YouTube. Way to go Sumera!

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