Single Review: Katy Perry – Chained To The Rhythm


Katy Perry makes big comeback with ‘Chained To The Rhythm’
Katy Perry’s fans had to wait over three years for their idol to make her big comeback. Yes, we are pretending like the release of the worst single of her career so far last summer didn’t happen. Miss Perry herself seems to be ready for a fresh start with a stunning new blonde look and an interesting campaign ready to promote her brand new single. In big cities all over the USA, her team placed big disco balls in the streets in which people could plug their headphones to have one of the first listens to ‘Chained To The Rhythm’, featuring Skip Marley. Now the track is out for everyone who wasn’t lucky enough to stumble upon a disco ball in their streets as well!

Where her pop peers recently found their strenghts in different sub genres (think about Beyoncé’s progressive R&B albums and Lady Gaga’s latest country inspired record) Katy Perry keeps delivering pure pop! ‘Chained To The Rhythm’ is an insanely catchy tune with an electronic production and a slightly laidback, but definitely funky rhythm. It is driven by an infectious bassline and the production is flawless. In comparison to singles like ‘Roar’, ‘Last Friday Night’ and ‘This Is How We Do’ she added some much needed subtlety with a melody that is not necessarily in your face, but does still settle in your mind after one listen. Both Perry’s parts and Skip Marley’s middle eight are about how we are stuck in a daily routine where we only seem to be willing to stay within our ‘own little bubble’. Turns out that the ‘rhythm’ mentioned in the title actually has a double meaning! Now let us all ‘put our rose-colored glasses on and party on’ to celebrate Katy Perry’s well deserved comeback to the highest regions of the charts!

Update: Katy Perry visits a colourful, futuristic theme park with a dark undertone in her new video.

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