Single Review: Lana Del Rey – Love

Lana Del Rey makes big comeback with new single ‘Love’
We missed Lana Del Rey! Everybody’s favourite sad core queen took a break from releasing after she threw two albums (Ultraviolence and Honeymoon) at us in 2014 and 2015. Today her radio silence came to an end! Earlier this week fans saw posters teasing new Lana Del Rey material popping up in Los Angeles and after the song leaked on the world wide web, she and her team decided to just drop the track officially.  The new song is simply called ‘Love’ and it is all one would expect from Lana!

If you would want to fault Del Rey for anything, it might be that ‘Love’ sounds a lot like her previous work, probably being most in line with her debut Born To Die sonically. The track is dramatic and cinematic and the chorus has a huge hook. The production builds up nicely and the drums on the chorus give it just enough bombastic quality. Lyrically she used her Del Rey song text dictionary again as both her and her partner (or actually her fans, as she dedicated the track to them) are once more ‘craaaazy’, ‘the coolest’ and as opposed to ‘Young & Beautiful’ they are ‘young and in love’ these days. Yes, we have heard it all before, but this might be her most radiofriendly and hit worthy effort in quite sometime. Excuse me now as I am putting this on repeat while ‘going nowhere in particular’.

Update: the video is out and it is probably the most uplifting so far. Lana is all happy and smiling while flirting with the camera as we follow the adventures of some young lovers!

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