Single Review: Dotter – Evolution


Dotter returns with big new tune ‘Evolution’
2017 is already shaping up to be an awesome year for Swedish singer-songwriter Dotter. After the release of the outstanding single ‘Creatures of the Sun’ last year, she is now back both as composer and as a singer. She co-wrote the track ‘A Million Years’, which qualified for the final of Melodifestivalen, the huge Swedish preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest. The track performed by Mariette is one of the favourites to represent Sweden internationally, and with seven more songs to be presented it is A Bit of Pop Music’s absolute favourite so far. But that is not all for Dotter at the moment. She also launched her very own single ‘Evolution’.

Sonically ‘Evolution’ is not miles away from its predecessor, which means she once again strikes with a big, bombastic chorus, prominent drums, powerful vocals and memorable hooks. The difference here however, is that the production and chorus of ‘Evolution’ are actually a bit more accessible on first listen, which makes the track somewhat radiofriendlier at the same time. For the video, Johanna Jansson (Dotter’s real name), dressed up and black for some epic hair flipping with dancing sheets in the background. It is beautifully edited and matches her sound perfectly. More of this please!

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