Song of the Day: Démira – Bravado


Démira enters the world of Westerns with ‘Bravado’
If you are a frequent visitor of A Bit of Pop Music, you must know by now I am a pretty big fan of Dutch singer and songwriter Démira. The young folk and pop artist has been consistently releasing great tracks over the past couple of years and she is definitely planning to continue to do so in 2017. Recently she dropped an all new track titled ‘Bravado’ and it mixes her unique own style with the sound of the Western.

Démira rose to fame in the Netherlands a few years ago when when aged sixteen, she participated in a televised search for the best singer-songwriter of the country. Her characteristic mix of folk and poetic pop turned some heads and in terms of songwriting she majorly stepped up her game when she dropped the intriguing track ‘Dragons’ back in 2015. The White Ravens EP properly showed off her potential, especially in the excellent single ‘Fountain’ that incorporated more electronic elements.

With ‘Bravado’ she again surprises with a completely different direction, while still staying true to her own recognizable delivery of her deep and somewhat quirky lyrics. The track could best be described as a fast paced folk pop number that clearly is inspired by Westerns. The chorus is big and vocally Démira sounds more raw than she ever did before, belting her heart out about a guy whose ‘bravado’ is deceiving. Let us hope Démira will still release a fitting video for this. And yes, it needs to feature cowboys!

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